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Bottle-feeding a Whale
Bottle-feeding a Whale
Mixed Media
6 ft x 4ft x 3ft

Bottle-feeding a Whale lives in between the second dimension and the third dimension. It is a sculpture that has characteristics of a painting or a collage. This interstitial space acts much like a window.

In this piece, I am using a window motif to speak about art, design and craft. More particularly, leaded windows and their icons, lamp design by Louis Comfort Tiffany and the commercial product line of Thomas Kinkade. The piece’s best viewing position is from above, but other than in an image of the piece, this view is unreachable. There is a tension here between the viewer and the piece, as the viewer psychologically wants to be above the characters (Ben Franklin, Thomas Kinkade or Louis Comfort Tiffany) in the piece but can really only act as an equal player.

Photo: John Carlano