The Iterated Window > Finding the In-Between Stance

Mia Nyblom's and my study began with a group of Ericsson: Site Lindholmen, employees approaching us to help them to redesign the existing 'Demo Wall' into a more user friendly and interactive 'Experience Center'. In it's current state the Demo Wall was primarily a place to show customers the organization's hardware products. It was quickly identified that the space could be used more effectively for a broader user group beyond the customers, for example the employees could be inspired to innovate in this space. Also, the Demo Wall needed to reflect the direction where Ericsson is heading in the future which is into producing more interactive products and collaborations with other companies; products and services that exists within the Internet of Things for instance. Hence, our research project's initial brief called for us to help these stakeholders understand the needs and the potential this space and it's users could experience. We were to design for an intended experience across a diverse set of user groups and needs.

Experience Design Case
The Case