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Home is for her...
Home is for her...

Today many of us have moved, either by force or by choice. The six of us, based in different cities in Europe, are all movers and together we are exploring the concept of home and the creation of feeling home when moving and creating new homes. We believe that the more people understand about the feeling of home, the better one can relate to one's neighbors. Hence, in this project, we are asking and reflecting on how might one take the feeling of home into one's own hands and what are the needs we must meet to take home into one's own hands while our communities continue to develop and people continue to move from place to place.

The project is part of the Balticlab 4.0 programme organised by the Swedish Institute and Council of the Baltic Sea States. And the interactions created and collected in Gothenburg will be content included in the programs final lab held in Moscow this September.

Group members: Alexander Bratt (Stockholm), Agnieszka Bulacik (Berlin), Samantha Hookway (Gothenburg), Szymon Keller (Barcelona), Elliot Silva (Berlin), Agnieszka Wojciechowicz (Oslo).