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The Meeting
Video, smartphones, programming and collected anecdotes

This is the video that was included as part of The Iterated Window exhibition piece made collaboratively by Samantha Hookway, Mia Nyblom, Fredrik Garneij and Alex Wingård.

It is a nontypical meeting for Ericsson employees but a typical meeting for us two designers. The phones have a conversation while we are meeting. The conversation's are derived from the stories Mia and I collected in the gathering of the items in the Prop Poetry still life photographs also shown in this gallery. The Prop Poetry was also the 'framed' still that was then programmed to reveal itself when a participant interacted with the frame and this video meeting (see the previous video). The interaction gives any participant to iterate the window, a moment to stop time and reflect to make sense of the situation so one can design the next intended experience.