Samantha Hookway is an American born artist and designer who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden with her husband, Nils and their cat Louis. She is also a Lecturer in Design at the Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University, and travels to do guest lectures and workshops with students from other schools.

Samantha's artistic practice is often very collaborative and done working with interdisciplinary teams such as the work done by the Studio Alight collective and Dear Home collective. She is especially driven by the power of the in-between, a window that is pregnant with possibilities – whether this window is acting as a transition in our experiences, or is a literal piece of glass that sits between two worlds.

The image above, titled Prior Art Automaton (installation) is a work made by Studio Alight. See more information on Studio Alight and the collective work at Prior Art Automaton was initially exhibited as drawings in the Dutch Pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2018 and produced by ICIA. For the Rob Law exhibition, Studio Alight have turned this conceptual idea into a large-scale sculptural installation. The work questions the fundamental principles around corporate utilization of intellectual property.

photo credit: ICIA Konsthall Staff