Samantha Hookway is an American born artist and designer who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden with her husband, Nils and their cat Louis. She is also a lecturer at the Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University, and travels to do guest lectures and workshops with students from other schools.

Samantha's artistic practice is often very collaborative and done working with interdisciplinary teams. Her interests lie in working with the practice of being a creative in an atmosphere that has forgotten how creativity is essential. She is especially driven by the power of the in-between, a window that is pregnant with possibilities – whether this window is acting as a transition in our experiences, or is a literal piece of glass that sits between two worlds.

The image above, titled Horizon’s Op. a.k.a. #treeflag is a flag sculpture shaped like a tree (flying on its side) and is bright orange with purple and blue windows in the trunk. Two white rabbits, a loose Alice and Wonderland reference to a “way finder,” peek their heads out the windows. They are watching over the location and seeing all the transitions of this area. The flag itself is meant to be a landmark, a way to gain something new when the current landscape is shifting and turning, for example, just across the river the blue dry-dock has disappeared.