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I believe in well-thought-out plans. I believe in chance. I believe in accidents serving a greater purpose.

I’m a hyper planner that never gets it right ahead of time. I crave “aha moments” and create art because art gives me revealing – utterly frightening – and otherworldly eureka moments. The moments come to me while I least expect and they never seem to come to me when I am looking. Yet, I am always looking for them. They spark the next piece and solve the current problem. They are a dialogue with something beyond. They humble my ego when the plan goes awry. They give me hope that I can be a better artist and a better person. I ache for them yet am surprised when they happen. They allow me ever-so-briefly to exist in the in-between. These eureka moments are a window to a more perfect world.

Often in the work, I use the window as a metaphor. I find that the window metaphor is both timeless in its longevity throughout history and is contemporarily pertinent in this digital / actual world we live in. I use the window to both anchor and set free the art. I believe the window can be two contradictory things at once because the window’s potency is the capacity to simultaneously reveal or block one space from another. The window allows me to look within and out concurrently. It opens to a different world and closes me in mine. It gives me the right to plan and provides a safe place for all those plans to fall apart.