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The ( ) Space wants to be a new innovation hub in Gothenburg but what is an innovation hub? And what are the needs of the participants of this hub?

The project was a collaboration between Katarina Pepichova, Dimitrios Tsagkos, Vivi Shen and Samantha Hookway as part of the the HDK Business & Design Masters Program's Integrated Projects Course.

We hosted an event with over 40 professionals and students alike on May 8, 2015. Their background consisted of many professions with the majority being engineers, entrepreneurs, and designers. The event took place at Collaboratory with the partnership of First to Know. The participants were encouraged to mark the space by their ideas in different artistic ways which included photo booth and the prototyping session, to name a few. We successfully broke the ice with mingling activities. We all experienced The ( ) Space within this evening. The event gave us, the HDK group, many insights that will inspire our final project visualization which is an animation shown in this gallery.