The Iterated Window > Finding the In-Between Stance

This Gallery displays the process of Mia Nyblom's and my Business & Design thesis study and is where one can find key insights and visualizations that took place during our nearly 6 month project with Ericsson: Site Lindholmen.

We found that the role of the designer is often to frame perceptions of experience into a collective narrative. One cannot frame these perceptions without embodying the in-between. This window must be iterated yet by understanding the philosophies of Pragmatism and Hermeneutics as collaborating notions is a way that designers can balance between performing the tasks of framing while also staying true to the fact that experience is continuous.

This in-between stance reflects-in-action and retrospectively as it designs for an intended experience. It is a process of inquiry: doing, reflecting, framing and iterating is an ongoing conversation with the in-between. This ongoing conversation informs design practice as the in-between stance that navigates uncertainty and finds peaceful moments of understanding. The stance informs designers on how to take on the opportunity to frame the transition to the next experience... which we hope will be your reflection ( ).